The differents between successful people and failed people^^

Successful people is full of confidence, failed people believe in fate. Successful people are actively thinking, failed people are lazy to think. Successful people solve problems, failed people bring troubles. Successful people know how to put himself, failed people put themselves in the wrong place . Successful people can change and improve things, failed people otherwise. Successful people has independent living, failed people rely on other people. Successful people never complained, failed people perceive others as the cause. Successful people can overcome things that are not expected, failed people can not afford failure. Successful people thinks positive, failed people thinks negative. Successful people always survive, failed people quit too early. Successful people keep working until someone else stops, failed people stop before anyone else.

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Theresia said...

Semoga semua yang membaca content ini dapat merenungkan apakah selama ini kita sudah memiliki pola pikir orang sukses.

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